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Muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia all come together to comprise our soft tissue. They work together in order to provide movement and support to the bones and joints they attach to.

In our office we evaluate all soft tissue and determine the best course of treatment.  Often times, our soft tissue needs to be rehabbed, or even strengthened in order to prevent further injury.  During your exam the doctor will determine the best course of treatment.  Some soft tissue techniques we offer in office are the following.

Physiotherapy, healthy fit woman sitting on chiropractic table smiling waiting to be adjusted

Electric Stimulation


Cold Laser


Instrument assisted tools to break up Myofascial adhesions


Specific Trigger point release

Rock Tape

Physiotherapy, doctor examining adult patient knee injury
Child Physiotherapy, doctor massaging child knee to help with pain

Dr. DeMayo is a certified Rock Tape doctor. Rock tape is a form of kinesiotaping that helps give support and stability to joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of motion. Rock tape can also help reduce pain and inflammation of overused and tired muscles and provide a stimulus that improves body awareness.

Most if not all patients will receive specific rehabs they can work on at home in order to promote, flexibilty, mobility or stability.  It is important all patients take an active role in their recovery.

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