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Dr. Jackie DeMayo currently teaches Spin at World Gym Pawling.  Classes are held every Friday morning for 30 minutes.  Jackie is enthusiastic about delivering high intensity classes with proper instruction and a great play list to include music from every decade.
You will often hear her cuing her class about bike ergonomics, posture and position to ensure a safe ride and correct muscle activation.
Come check out a class and learn proper bike set up, positions and posture from one of the instructors over at World Gym Pawling.

Mother and Baby
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Prenatal/ Postpartum Strength and Stability

This series brings an introduction to breath and functional movement flows. You will learn how and why central core stability, diaphragmatic breath, and pelvic floor health are crucial.

We will work on building a base of stability before adding in dynamic movements. These movements will build strength and support for the growing body during pregnancy, and then will slowly awaken the body back up in postpartum with these same movements. We encompass the Birthfit motto “Slow is Fast!” This means that the slower you move through quality movement, the faster you master that movement.

This introductory program is meant to recalibrate and set a solid foundation of sustainable, efficient movement for the rest of your life.

All classes are currently being taught through Baby Botanica on ZOOM.  Check us out!

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